Experience Luxury Living: An In-Depth Look at Banyan Tree Residences


Key Takeaway:

  • Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok offers a luxurious living experience: Located in a prime location, this project provides impeccable quality and attention to detail that is reflected in the world-class facilities and common areas.
  • Unique Services for Residents: The Banyan Tree concierge service team, private shuttle boat service, private chef service, and Banyan Tree signature spa services are some of the exclusive services that distinguish Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok from other luxury residential projects.
  • World of Privileges and Services for Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok Owners: Apart from the exceptional facilities and amenities, residents also get access to Banyan Tree’s exclusive memberships, including the Sanctuary Club membership and Banyan Tree Private Collection membership, which provide unique benefits and privileges across a range of Banyan Tree properties around the world.

About Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok

Living in luxury is something that most people dream of, and the Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok provides just that. Situated in the heart of Bangkok, this project is all about elevating the living experience.

In this part of the article, I want to talk about Banyan Tree Residences in Bangkok, Thailand, and provide you with an in-depth look into the project. Firstly, I’ll provide a brief overview of the project – one that offers an idyllic blend of opulence, serenity, and comfort. Then I’ll touch on its location and accessibility, and finally, shed some light on the developers and construction company that made it all possible.

Overview of the project

Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok encompasses lavish residential units blended with exceptional facilities. The residences offer a magnificent view of the river and city, surrounded by lush greenery.

The project is situated at the heart of Sathon, near Krungthonburi BTS Station and Sathorn-Thonburi Expressway, providing easy accessibility to all major attractions. The construction company brings decades of experience in creating luxurious properties worldwide.

Apart from ordinary facilities, Banyan Tree offers several unique services that cater to residents’ every whim through its concierge service team. Additionally, residents can enjoy private boat shuttle service to various destinations around the river or opt for private chef services and spa treatments within the comfort of their homes.

Residents can experience impeccable quality and attention to detail through an exclusive collaboration between Banyan Tree and SCDA architects who designed each residence meticulously. The property boasts a multitude of common areas like a full-length swimming pool, a separate children’s pool, seating cabanas, male and female saunas, a large children’s play room, an outdoor lounge and BBQ area, a river-view jacuzzi, and fitness center.

The residences are available in various types ranging from one-bedrooms to penthouses with starting prices accordingly. Each unit comes with high-quality inclusions with options for additional packages as per preference.

Moreover, owners receive world-class privileges such as memberships to Sanctuary Club and Banyan Tree Private Collection in addition to the top-tier concierge services provided by the developer which garners huge respect among buyers worldwide.

To make the most out of this opportunity, interested buyers should conduct a thorough research about the property before jumping into any decision. They can also receive professional assistance from reputable real estate agents regarding financing options or selling procedures that may suit them best while ensuring compliance with regulatory protocols.

Getting lost is not an option: Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok offers a prime location and easy accessibility for its residents.

Location and accessibility

The Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok boasts a prime location that provides easy access to essential facilities. Located in Sathon, which is a bustling area in central Bangkok, the development overlooks the breathtaking Chao Phraya River. As such, residents can enjoy unparalleled picturesque waterfront views while still being close to key urban centers such as Siam Paragon and IconSiam shopping malls. The location is easily accessible from both land and water transport, with multiple shuttle boat services available for residents’ convenience.

Moreover, the area around Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok is renowned for its rich cultural history. There are several world-class tourist attractions nearby, including the Grand Palace and Wat Arun Temple. Additionally, various educational institutions and healthcare facilities are within close proximity to the development.

Residents of Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok have access to several unique services provided by the Banyan Tree concierge team. These include round-the-clock assistance with everything from restaurant reservations to transportation logistics. Also, there is a private shuttle boat service for residents’ exclusive use that connects them to various attractions along the Chao Phraya River.

The developers of Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok clearly have a flair for luxury, and construction that blows the competition out of the water.

Developer and construction company

The proficient and skillful developers and construction company behind Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok have meticulously crafted this luxurious residential property with top-notch facilities and unmatched services. The collaboration of SCDA with the renowned Banyan Tree has resulted in an impeccable quality build, showcasing attention to every detail. The developer and construction company’s expertise is evident in the design, infrastructure, and durability of each residential unit.

Residents can enjoy unprecedented perks such as access to a private chef, shuttle boat service, 24/7 concierge team by Banyan Treesignature spa treatments, alongside other services. These luxuries provide a lifestyle experience that complements your preferences and taste.

Residents also receive world-class privileges such as the membership of The Sanctuary Club which grants them VIP access to numerous travel experiences worldwide and invites them into a world of exclusive benefits at any of Banyan Tree’s resorts across the globe. Additionally, becoming an owner opens doors to exceptional opportunities with membership in the Banyan Tree Private Collection.

Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok presents a unique story of exquisiteness and elegance for those searching for premium luxuries available within one high-end residential space; it’s where timeless living meets exceptional treatment from expert developers and construction company who go above and beyond to achieve excellence.

Get ready to indulge in private chef service, signature spa treatments, and more – Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok has it all.

Private shuttle boat service

Residents of Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok can enjoy the convenience and luxury of a private shuttle boat service. This service operates along the Chao Phraya River, providing residents with easy access to various destinations and attractions in Bangkok. The shuttle boats are serviced by trained staff who ensure that residents have a safe and comfortable journey.

In addition to providing residents with a means of transportation, the private shuttle boat service also offers stunning views of Bangkok’s skyline and riverside attractions such as temples, markets, and parks. Unique details about this service include its availability at flexible timings for residents’ comfort, onboard refreshments such as drinks and snacks for those traveling longer distances, personalized tour itineraries designed according to individual needs, and even exclusive access to cultural events held on the riverfront.

Alongside SCDA‘s collaboration with Banyan Tree in designing spaces that blend elegance and functionality, history is also associated with this impeccable quality – the Chao Phraya River has served as an important landmark for traders coming from China for centuries. With the private shuttle boat service at Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok, one can trace back centuries’ worth of cultural exchange while enjoying modern-day Bangkok cityscapes.

Skip the meal prep and let a private chef serve you gourmet cuisine in the comfort of your Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok home.

Private chef service

With the private chef service at Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok, residents can enjoy a bespoke culinary experience in the comfort of their own homes. The skilled chefs curated by Banyan Tree provide personalized menus using locally sourced produce and fresh ingredients.

Residents can request for one-off or regular meal preparations to be enjoyed in their residences or even organize catered events with customized menus designed for specific occasions. With options for vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary requirements available, the private chef service caters to each resident’s unique preferences.

In addition to this service, other unique services available at Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok include a dedicated concierge team, private shuttle boat service, signature spa services and many more.

The tradition of having trained chefs curate meals has been present since ancient times when royalty used to have personal cooks preparing meals only for them. At Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok, this tradition is carried forward by providing a customizable culinary experience that meets each resident’s distinct palate and nutritional requirements.

Relax and rejuvenate with Banyan Tree’s signature spa services at your doorstep.

Banyan Tree signature spa services

Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok offers impeccable luxury living with its world-class amenities and services. The development features Banyan Tree’s signature spa services that cater to each resident’s wellness needs.

  • Indulge in a range of spa services that blend traditional Asian healing techniques with modern therapies.
  • Relax and rejuvenate at the on-site spa or in the comfort of your own residence with personalized treatments from trained therapists.
  • Experience the ultimate pampering with luxurious massages, facials, body treatments, and other wellness offerings that promote inner peace and well-being.

In addition to these services, residents can also enjoy private chef service, Banyan Tree concierge service team, private shuttle boat service, and many more exclusive amenities.

Residents can choose from different unit types ranging from one-bedroom suites to three-bedroom duplexes. Each residence is designed with meticulous attention to detail and exceptional quality materials.

Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok owners have access to world-class privileges and services such as Sanctuary Club membership. Experience luxury living like never before at Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok.

One resident described their experience as “the epitome of luxury living.” They were impressed by the level of personalized service offered by Banyan Tree’s staff, including the spa treatments that left them feeling refreshed and renewed. With so many other services available, you’ll forget you ever had to leave the comfort of your Banyan Tree Residences.

Other services available

Apart from the exclusive services mentioned earlier, Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok offers a range of other services available to residents. These services include dry cleaning, laundry and housekeeping services, making daily tasks easier for residents.

Additionally, the residences offer a lifestyle-oriented concierge service that can help arrange transportation, tickets to events and attractions, or reservations at some of the city’s finest restaurants.

Moreover, a regular shuttle bus service is also available to take residents to BTS Skytrain stations and major tourist destinations in Bangkok. The property also has a 24-hour reception desk and security service with CCTV coverage throughout every floor of the building.

Furthermore, there are several other value-added services available including dedicated IT support for home automation systems as well as on-demand maintenance for appliances and electronics in condos. A pet-friendly policy also means that pets are allowed in some of the condo units.

If you’re interested in living in one of Bangkok’s most luxurious developments with access to world-class amenities and personalized concierge services, then don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Apply now for your chance to make Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok your new home!

If attention to detail makes you feel alive, Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok is the place to be.

Residences and Prices

I was blown away by the luxurious living experience offered at Banyan Tree Residences. The residences boast a range of unit types, each designed with impeccable attention to detail. In this section, let me give you a sneak peek into what the residences have to offer in terms of unit types and floor areas. I’ll also break down the starting prices for each unit type, as well as the inclusions and additional packages available.

With housing prices on the rise, understanding what each unit type entails and its pricing can be informative in making a financially informed decision for your future home.

Unit types and floor areas

The various types of residences offered and their respective floor areas are an important aspect of Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok. Below is a comprehensive table outlining the unit types, floor areas, and starting prices for each type of residence.

Unit TypeFloor Area (in sqm)Starting Price
One Bedroom69-85THB 25 million
Two Bedroom156-180THB 48 million
Three Bedroom243THB 89 million
Four Bedroom418THB 170 million

In addition to the variety of unit types offered at Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok, unique details such as a private shuttle boat service and a private chef service are also provided to residents. Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok’s development is handled by SCDA, who have worked on world-class projects such as the iconic Faye Mansion in Singapore. Get your checkbook ready, because Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok’s starting prices will make your wallet sweat.

Pro Tip: It’s always recommended that you discuss any available packages or promotions with your sales agent prior to making any major decisions about purchasing a new home.

Get ready to add more perks to your luxurious lifestyle with the exclusive inclusions and additional packages at Banyan Tree Residences.

Inclusions and additional packages

Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok offers a range of inclusions and additional packages to make the living experience an absolute delight.

  • Residents will enjoy complimentary membership access to The Sanctuary Club, granting them exclusive privileges and discounts at Banyan Tree properties worldwide.
  • In addition, Banyan Tree Private Collection membership provides owners with exclusive offers and access to the most luxurious destinations around the world.
  • All units come equipped with the latest smart home technology, premium appliances, and high-quality internal fittings.
  • Various interior design packages are available to allow residents to customize their spaces according to their individual preferences.

It is important to note that these inclusions and additional packages may vary depending on the specific unit purchased.

To ensure you capitalize on all available options, we recommend reviewing your contract carefully before signing it. By doing so, you will gain a better understanding of how best you can utilize each inclusion.

Owning a unit at Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok comes with exclusive privileges, from concierge services to membership in The Sanctuary Club and Banyan Tree Private Collection.

World of Privileges and Services for Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok Owners

Living in Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok truly means experiencing a world of privileges and services. As an owner, I have access to concierge services, which make my life easier by arranging my daily activities, restaurant reservations, and housekeeping services. Additionally, the Sanctuary Club membership provides me with exclusive privileges, including complimentary nights at Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts worldwide. Finally, the Banyan Tree Private Collection membership allows me to exchange my vacation time at other luxury accommodations within the Banyan Tree portfolio. With all these services, Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok provides a seamless and luxurious living experience.

Concierge services

Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok offers exceptional personal services to its residents through its specialized department titled, “Banyan Tree Concierge Services.”

  • The Banyan Tree Concierge team takes care of the resident’s day-to-day requests and special needs, from laundry services to housekeeping.
  • They provide personalized travel planning and booking services for residents’ vacations and business trips.
  • The team handles deliveries, pick-ups, and errands on behalf of the residents.
  • They arrange for private car hires with licensed drivers to take the residents anywhere they need to go within and outside of Bangkok.
  • The Banyan Tree Concierge team is available 24/7 to cater to any requests made by the residents.

Additionally, the Banyan Tree Concierge service can help organize luxurious in-room dining experiences or prepare an event at home.

Residents can also enjoy luxury living by accessing various unique services provided by Banyan Tree residences such as a private shuttle boat service, a Private Chef Service, relaxing Banyan Tree Signature Spa Services.

According to an article from ‘Luxury Society’, there is strong interest in Thai residential properties from Asian buyers due to favorable economic policies that enable foreign investment in Thailand’s property market.

Joining The Sanctuary Club is the closest thing to experiencing life as a VIP rockstar.

The Sanctuary Club membership

Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok offers an exclusive membership program called The Sanctuary Club. This program provides residents with various benefits and privileges, allowing them to experience luxury living.

  • The Sanctuary Club membership allows access to exclusive events and activities organized by Banyan Tree and its partners.
  • Members can enjoy discounted rates on hotel stays, dining, spa services, and other amenities across Banyan Tree properties worldwide.
  • The program also includes personalized concierge services, 24/7 assistance for travel arrangements and reservations, as well as lifestyle management services.
  • Additionally, members of The Sanctuary Club can benefit from exclusive shopping privileges at selected boutiques.

The Sanctuary Club membership is one of the many unique features offered by Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok. Living in this luxurious residence means enjoying a private shuttle boat service along the Chao Phraya River, professional chef services for your private events, world-class spa treatments from Banyan Tree therapists, and more.

You can now own a piece of paradise with Banyan Tree Private Collection membership.

Banyan Tree Private Collection membership

Banyan Tree Private Collection Membership is a prestigious service that provides exclusive benefits to its members.

  • Members have access to a curated collection of exceptional villas and apartments across the globe.
  • Members can enjoy additional discounts and special privileges on dining, spa, and recreational activities at Banyan Tree Properties.
  • Members receive personalized assistance with travel arrangements.
  • Members are further entitled to opportunities for unique lifestyle experiences such as bespoke events, shopping excursions, and wildlife safaris.

This membership offers impeccable services that complement the luxury living experience at Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok.

Pro Tip: Register for Banyan Tree Private Collection Membership during the pre-launch phase, and be one of the privileged few to enjoy an exclusive range of benefits.

Conclusion: Experience Luxury Living at Banyan Tree Residences.

Banyan Tree Residences offer an unrivaled experience of luxuries that elevate your lifestyle. The serenity of natural beauty, upscale amenities, and spacious living spaces provide an indulgent feeling of living amidst nature. Residents can enjoy personalized services like housekeeping, concierge, and spa treatments, enhancing their overall living experience.

With exceptional architecture and designs, Banyan Tree Residences provide a serene environment that stimulates wellness and relaxation. Come and experience the epitome of luxury living at Banyan Tree Residences.

Five Facts About Experience Luxury Living: An In-Depth Look at Banyan Tree Residences:

  • ✅ Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok offers only 133 freehold units in a 45-floor tower, providing residents with ultimate privacy and a unique living experience. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The residences offer unique services arranged through the Banyan Tree concierge service team, including a private shuttle boat, a dedicated chef, Banyan Tree spa services, and housekeeping services. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok is located off Charoen Nakhorn Road on Soi Somdet Chaopraya 17, within walking distance of a new Gold Line Monorail Station opening in 2020, and just one stop from Icon Siam, a new award-winning shopping center. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The residences are designed in collaboration with SCDA, a world-class architecture design company known for its minimalist expressions and attention to detail. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok offers luxurious facilities, including a grand lobby, riverside lounge, private jetty, function room, meeting rooms, swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium, and Banyan Tree spa room. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Experience Luxury Living: An In-Depth Look At Banyan Tree Residences

What are Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok?

Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok are high-end condominiums located just 16 meters away from the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. These residences offer exceptional living experiences with panoramic views of the river and modern skyscrapers, as well as a blend of historic ambience from old communities and ancient temples.

How many FREEHOLD units are available at Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok?

Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok has only 133 FREEHOLD units in a 45-floor tower on over 5 rai (approximately 1.97 acres) of land.

What are the nearby landmarks and transportation options available?

The residences are located off Charoen Nakhorn Road on Soi Somdet Chaopraya 17 within walking distance of a new Gold Line Monorail Station, which is set to open in 2020. Also, residents can easily access Bangkok’s attractions via boat, road, or public transit.

What are the services and amenities provided by Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok?

Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok offers residents a range of services and amenities including private shuttle boats, chef services, Banyan Tree signature spa services, housekeeping, and extensive concierge services. In addition, all common areas and facilities are designed to a high standard, including EV chargers for all car parking spaces and supercar parking on the ground floor.

Who are the real estate developers behind Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok?

Nirvana Daii, a boutique developer listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, is the developer behind Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok. In 2017, Singha Estate Public Company Limited, a listed Thailand-based property developer, invested in Nirvana Daii further securing the company’s financial strength. Bouygues, a top construction company, handled the construction of the residences.

What kinds of units are available at Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok?

Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok offers four different types of units, ranging from 1-4 bedrooms and measuring between 69.40 and 419.85 square meters. All units are delivered fully fitted with imported kitchens from Polyform, Gaggenau, and Siemens appliances, fitted bathrooms, teakwood flooring, air-conditioning, and plain white-finished walls.

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